Maybe you would rather hear it from someone who has seen the course content. "What do other women think of the program?" might be the question on your mind.

We are here to relay their responses! This is what others have to say about the HERBAL program!

"Great curriculum where you can work at your own pace. The teachers are very helpful and happy to answer questions. They are very inclusive and educated on social issues. Evidence based and informative holistic learning."
- Liz Cassie

"Love the emphasis on bodily autonomy 💙 such great information in this program. I always said I would never certify, but HERBAL changed my mind."
- Serina Kenyon

"The most amazing, empowering, thorough, and holistically supportive courses I have EVER seen!! Everything is step-by-step and flows easily. The amount of resources added is amazing and it's all open sourcing so you can go read everything for yourself. I think the support you have is astounding! The H.E.R.B.A.L. creators are always available and answer even the seemingly silliest of questions. I have never felt more comfortable and accepted in a course study ever! I highly recommend H.E.R.B.A.L. to EVERYONE!!"
- Taylor Hamlin

"The program was absolutely incredible, the modules were filled with amazing information and were easy to navigate through. I enjoyed sitting down and being able to go at my own pace, interacting with other students in the course in the secret Facebook groups! Having unlimited access to these resources are an amazing asset to this course! The three instructors who formed HERBAL are near and dear to my heart and are some of the most inspiring ad influential women in the birth community. To say I was able to study under them and work with one is a honor and I cannot be more thrilled I took the leap with this course. I would 1000x recommend this course to anyone and everyone looking to enter the birth community 💜 "
- Patricia Doula Price

"I seriously love being a part of this, the course work is amazing and the support system is great. Cant wait for more courses"
- Steph Cohen

"I had almost came to term of being uncertified. There is nothing wrong with this, however for me, it hurt. in till I came cross here! I WANTED something to say "YES, here she is! approved!" Other trainings went against my religion, personal beliefs and morals. I have never seen any other birth program like this. I absolutely love my classes, Taylor is super dependable and she really takes the time to make sure everything is okay! There is a huge support system for the students! I recommend 110%!"
- Tara Alexandra Ortiz

"Knowledgeable, dedicated women - truly a pleasure to work with 💚"
- Joelle Faith

"As a young midwife, doula, and traditional birth attendant with a lot of births behind me, I attest that this program is a wonderful asset for teaching women to own their pregnancies and birth, and how to support those around them.

I am formally trained in childbirth and birth emergencies, and I fully support this program and the women behind it.

There are no ridiculous claims, no medical advice, and no pressure not to seek care when it's necessary. that makes this program really well rounded for women looking to change the way we give birth, and practice and protect their autonomy.

Highly recommend!"
- Abigail Lovine

"This program is so full of information and the creators go above and beyond to give everyone in their course as many resources and as much information as possible. They are diligent in answering questions when needed. Not to mention that their passion for women, babies, and birth work is so clear! I'm loving the course! 10/10 Would recommend!"
- Gabriella Meshell