1. Add desired herbs to a large, organic, disposable, tea bag.

2. Boil water to place the tea bag in, allowing it to steep, and get darker in color. Pressing on the bag while boiling, to expel nutrients.

3. Take the pot off of the stove, place the pot inside of a yoni steam chair, birth stool, or inside of the toilet bowl. Some may prefer the toilet bowl piece attachment to dump the boiling water into, instead.

4. Sit on the steaming seat of your choice, with legs open, and drape around to keep steam in. I personally use my birth stool and a dress that ties around me. The steam goes into your vulva, as do the qualities of the herbs used. Then, seeping into the labia, nourishing the body and fertility organs.

5. Stay seated until the pot stops steaming/ you no longer feel the pleasure of the steam. At this time you can go about your day! I personally choose to go forward to step #6.

6. Fill the tub with enough hot water to cover your entire yoni/vulva while sitting. Add in the boiled water/tea bag. Sit in the tub until your children demand your presence.


This is what I call pussy pampering! I do this about once a month. It can encourage your cycle to return postpartum, depending on which herbs you use. Not always though! Mine has yet to even show a sign of its return. It also is best to do while you are not menstruating. Depending on the herbs used, it can increase blood loss during this time. You may want to avoid steaming after ovulation, if you are TTC, and have possibly conceived already. Waiting until after your period ends, is likely safest. Whether you do it to regulate hormones, or just for self care/time alone – yoni steaming is definitely something to try! 🙌