A wild pregnancy strays from the typical, mainstream route of scheduled prenatal care.

It is care during your pregnancy on your own terms, by trusting your intuition.

Did you know it’s an option to do 100% of your own prenatal care?

If ultrasounds, pre-birth cervical checks, blood pressure scares, and basically someone looking to find something wrong with you, isn’t your jam, it might be something you want to consider! Leave the white coat syndrome at their doorstep, because you don’t have to put yourself through that, unless you want to.

You are able to check all of the following at home:
✔️ Your baby’s heartbeat
✔️ Fundal height (top of your uterus)
✔️ Your baby’s position
✔️ Your blood pressure
✔️ Your cervix
✔️ Your sugar levels
✔️ Your urine
✔️ Your weight

OR you can do absolutely none of that and know that your baby is well. That is intuition 👏🏼.

Birth is not an emergency and pregnancy is not a medical condition, it’s a biological norm. 🤷🏽‍♀️ This system has so far stripped us from our intuition.

My advice: Even if you desire to have routine prenatal care and see a provider monthly, biweekly, weekly, etc, know how to do all the above things as well!

Take a peek at this awesome freebirth course to learn how to do these things and more 😍